Best Money Sending Apps of 2022

Best money sending Apps of 2022

Best money sending apps helps users to send money online. There was a time when sending and transferring money was a messy task. People have to wait so long to send money to their family, relatives and friends. But with the changing technology, everything has changed so far. Now we have so many money sending apps available on our phones. We can transfer money from anywhere in the world to our family, relatives and friends. We also don’t even have to go to the banks. Today I will share the nine best money sending apps in India to use immediately. I have included the UPI payments app for you. 

Best Money Sending Apps are here for you:

We look for the best money sending apps because financial affairs need utmost security and trust. But, trying every other app to find out which one is best isn’t an option. That’s why we have prepared a list of the best money sending apps. Check out your options and decide for yourself which is best for you.

Google Pay App

Google pay is one of the most demanding and best money sending apps. Google pay is for both iPhone and Android users. Millions of users in India trust this app. This app makes your work convenient as you can transfer money from all banks with this single app. Google pay includes many offers. It gives benefits to the users who download it using referral codes. You get exciting prices and cashback in it. Money will be credited directly into your bank account. But the drawback of this application is there is no wallet option in the app.

Google pay

Google Pay is one of the user-friendly apps for millions of people. Even for the beginners. You can transfer money with the help of this application in a fraction of seconds. It is safe for many users. People who don’t want to go here and there want to pay bills, cable, landline, water, they can use Google pay. You can pay for them with Google Pay only. You can deposit cash for various policies.

You have the option to link more than one bank account in this app. Millions of users trust these for sending to their family and friends. Many apps are known to date, and they are to send money from one’s bank account to another. UPI apps are more attractive. With these applications, you can send money online from one bank account to another. 


  • Most demanding money sending app
  • Get benefits of referral codes
  • Get exciting offers and cash backs 
  • No wallet option is here 
  • Can pay cable bills, landline and water bills too


PhonePe is the second most loving money sending app and that’s why it made it to the list of the best money sending apps. PhonePe is the most exciting app for UPI, bank transfer. PhonePe is a convenient app for booking tickets, recharge and bill payments. Everything is possible with this money sending application. Users can perform Online transactions conveniently in Phonepe.


Phone users can enjoy the facility of sending money to their family and friends or anyone up to 1lac every day without going to the bank. You can link multiple bank accounts with a single mobile number. It has super exciting offers, cashback and rewards for every transaction done by users. You can also have money in your wallet. You don’t need to carry any cash with you when you are going to market. These UPI apps make your work easier and more comfortable. You can select the best money sending apps from the list according to your need. 


  • Easy money transfer 
  • Can boom tickets, pay bills and recharge
  • Online transactions are easy 
  • Limit is 1 lac of sending money 
  • Can link multiple bank accounts with a single mobile number
  • Get rewards for every transaction 


Like Google Pay, Phone Pay is also among the best money sending apps. Paytm is a suitable app for all kinds of work, starting from recharge, bill payments, ticket booking, investment and ending in sending money anywhere. It is a very easy to use app for users. This app has a wallet option. You can transfer money from one wallet to another wallet. This app has its own additional Payment Bank for depositing and withdrawing money. Stay tuned to know more about such best money sending apps.


Paytm proved to be a useful app for most people during the COVID-19 pandemic when no one was going outside to transfer the money. Every transaction is possible with this application. Paytm and unique and innovative features. All the services are available in this application. If you make a payment using this application, you get a massive discount on big brands. Money transfer apps are essential and exciting. These apps are also convenient and user friendly. With these applications, you can quickly transfer money from one bank account to another safely. 


  • Contains wallet option 
  • Transfer money from one wallet to another 
  • Have its additional bank for transactions 
  • Proved to be desirable app during Pandemic 

Bhim UPI

Bhim UPI is another interesting UPI application. It is famous among users. You can use this app to transfer money in shops, malls and various other places. Bhim UPI comes from the Indian language. You can directly scan the scanner to pay using this app. You can save multiple details in this account. Like you can save beneficiary or contact details. You can check your transaction history. Bhim UPI is a fair app that does not include any earn option. So, this BHIM UPI doesn’t contain any referral code. This app is user friendly.

This app includes a variety of exciting offers and cashback. You can quickly recharge your phone with this app because services are too fast. It is a straightforward method to transfer cash. These UPI applications offer digital wallets to you. So, you can link your credit card or bank account, and you can send money easily with just a few taps. Best money sending apps are here for you. You can find others also on the Play store, but those apps do not possess outstanding and exciting features like these 9 UPI apps. 


  • Services are user-friendly and fast too
  • It can be used conveniently in malls, shops and various other places 
  • It comes from the Indian language
  • Can check transaction history easily 


The next app on our list is MobiKwik. It is similar to other best money sending apps. This app does not have a payment Bank but is still one of the best applications in the market. This Mobikwik is helpful for bank transfer, UPI transactions and payments, wallet adding and sending money. You can scan QR codes using this app. Various online transactions are possible with this application sitting in the house only. 

If you transfer money using Mobikwik, then you get cashback and referrals. The more you refer Mobikwik to your family, friends and relatives, the more you earn through this app. Sometimes cashback can be directly credited to your MobiKwik wallet. It is a great app and very easy to use. This app includes a wide range of cashback and funds transferability. This app is the fastest bill payment app. But nowadays, the progress of this app has become slow. 


  • This app is similar to other apps
  • It doesn’t have a payment bank but still the best application 
  • This app has the fastest bill payment app, and the progress of this app is slow

Airtel Thanks App

Airtel app is an exciting payment application that can be considered among the best money sending apps. We can perform various transactions under this application. Airtel has launched the first payment Bank in India. It is like Paytm Bank. Like other UPI apps, this app is beneficial for bill payments, recharge and broadband. Various online transactions are possible with this application. You have the option to make a UPI money transfer. This app is convenient for all users. This app is beneficial for you to recharge mobile or pay postpaid.

You can also pay landline and utility bills from the Airtel thanks app. It has many exciting features. It includes a free Airtel Live TV, wynk music subscription. It includes other subscriptions like Netflix and Prime.

This app includes a variety of features:

  • Booking of Ola cab
  • You can book a bus and train ticket 
  • Oyo rooms are available for booking
  • Landline and utility bill payment
  • Exciting offers, cashback and referrals 


YONO SBI is the official application launched for SBI customers only. YONO SBI is only for the users who have an SBI bank account and net banking. You can use this app for transactions. You get a variety of exciting features in this app. You can perform various functions in a single app. Like you can check your Bank balance from this app. You can check account statements, debit or credit cards. You can directly transfer money to FD. You can add a beneficiary account. You can change and modify the nominee under this SBI account. 


  • The official application launched for SBI customers only
  • Suitable for the customers who have SBI bank account and net banking 
  • Various functions can be performed in a single app
  • You can change and modify your account 

My Jio

My Jio

My Jio is becoming famous day by day for money transfers. Recently it came with the UPI option to send money from one bank to another. You have the facility to send money from all banks without any issue. This app possesses interesting features like mobile recharge, checking the jio data balance, and money transfers. You can pay bills using a QR code safely. This app is gaining popularity day by day. 


There are many other apps however we made our best money sending apps list short. It will help you to choose wisely. We hope you found this article helpful and now you know all about various reliable best money sending apps. Please write your views and suggestions regarding this article in the comment section.

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