Best Emulators for PC

We will take a close look at Best Emulators for PC in this article. But before that, you must know to have an overview of Emulators. The emulator is considered a program or device that enables a computer to behave like another device. Emulators also allow one computer system to act like the other one. 

If you want the best emulators for PC, then there are a variety of emulators available for your PC. There are various reasons to use an emulator on your PC. According to the changing needs and demands of the people, emulators have become essential for the PC. Emulators help debug their applications and allow gamers to enjoy their games. But sometimes, people face problems with these emulators. The issues are sometimes; the emulators do not behave the same way as they act in the advertisements. Therefore we have tried to list out the best emulators for PC to shorten your search. 

Here are 7 Best Emulators for PC


Bluestacks is one of the best emulators trusted by millions of users. It is the best emulator for you if you are a gamer, but at the same time, it is beneficial for you if you want to enjoy Android apps on your PC. With the increase in technology, it gets refined from time to time to contain the latest version for the user.

If you are fond of this emulator, then don’t worry; the company will bring the latest and updated version for you to enjoy gaming very well. One of the special and unique features of this emulator is that the company enables it to run on any Windows hardware, such as Intel or AMD. With this ability, you don’t have to worry about compatibility with other windows.

This emulator is doing its best and wishes to seamlessly emulation on windows. Therefore it has a partnership with Samsung. Show that shortly, it can get the galaxy store from Samsung on its platform. If this happens, you can access various games, whichever you want to play. If we look at its performance, it is more potent than other standard emulators. It has unique features which are lacking in other emulators. 


  • It has excellent compatibility with any version on Windows PC
  • It has several unique features 
  • BlueStacks comes in the latest version 


  • Sometimes users can feel that it is heavy on resources

Game Loop

Game Loop is another best emulator for PC, enabling you to experience high-quality gaming on your PC. This Game Loop app is for people who are fond of games. For those who want to play various games on your PC, then this one is the best emulator for them. You will be surprised to know that starting this platform is limited to playing only one or two games. But nowadays you can use it to play many games as well.

You have the option to get the Google Play Store by installing a separate module. Game Loop is available inside the setup. With this emulator, you have the opportunity to play various games as it supports all the popular games quite easily. It also enables mouse and keyboard mapping in fun.


  • It is best for those who want to play games
  • It contains not of Android games in high quality
  • The Standard of graphics for the game is also high


  • Some users can feel that it is limited to some of the gaming

Android Studio

Coming to this Android studio emulator, we can’t say that this one is the fastest emulator. But we can indeed consider this one of the best emulators well equipped with the latest and advanced technology. It contains the newest version of Android. If you want to test out new emulators, why shouldn’t you go for it? But if you’re going to make use of it, ensure that you do not have a low-end PC. If you are the one who has a low-end PC, then choose a different emulator because it will not work well. It includes the latest and advanced features like simulating gestures: accelerometer and gyroscope.


  • It is considered the official Android emulator
  • It enables to support the latest and advanced version of Android
  • You can test the apps quickly, whichever you want to test 


  • It used to work very slow on low-end PC
  • Like other emulators, it is not for gaming purpose


Suppose you want the latest Android emulator for the newest version of Windows 10 for gaming. LDPlayer is one of the best and latest emulators named LD Player. It has launched in the market nowadays, but it has become popular with the increasing days due to its excellent performance and features. It used to work flawlessly. It also holds compatibility like other emulators because it works well with AMD-powered laptops and Intel power laptops without any single error. It means it is comfortable with both AMD and Intel PCs.

You can play various games, which will run very well due to the LD player. If you wish to increase the performance of this player, then you can change the settings from the settings page. Having a look through all the features of the LD player, you came to know that it is up to date and well equipped with the latest technology, and it worked well for both gaming and general purpose. Due to its unique features, it is best for free fire with 2 GB RAM.


  • Compatible for both Intel and AMD PCs
  • It is one of the fast emulators and also lightweight
  • It supports the latest Android version
  • The error appears less in these emulators 


  • Though it has the latest and advanced technology, it doesn’t hold good features as other emulators discussed above 

MEmu Play

MEmu Play is another famous Android emulator, and it has gained a solid fan base due to its features. MEmu is an emulator which comes with a variety of valuable features. If we look at it from a compatibility point of view, then it is different from other emulators because it supports both AMD and Intel CPUs. 

It has basic features that enable you to run various app and Android versions simultaneously. The software is updated and advanced. You also have the option to use different Android versions for other windows.

Suppose if you are a general user, not a gamer, then you don’t need to worry about this emulator is also for you. This emulator goes well with any version of Windows starting from 7 to 10. So, we have to look for another best emulator for low-end PCs. 


  • It includes various versions of Android according to the need and requirement
  • It has excellent compatibility 
  • Its performance is high for Gaming purpose 
  • It supports custom key mapping 


  • It is not suitable for low-end PCs

Nox Player

If you are a person who wishes to have an emulator which supports features other than gaming, then this Nox Player emulator is just for you. It has remarkable features and serves best for general users. It has various unique features like gameplay optimizations, compatibility with Android versions and enables the system to change the build of Android devices. It is also one of the user-friendly interfaces. Due to these features, it is much better than BlueStacks compared to other emulators.

This emulator has the lollipop version. But it also supports other Android versions too. Another unique feature of this emulator is that it enables us to get root access. If you want to try rooting, then go for this emulator, which is Nox Player. It is one of the best and simplest emulators on Windows. 

But this emulator faced trouble after some time as some of the hackers hijacked it due to its simple setup and all. After that, it started to inject malware on user computers which has troubled many users. The founder has told the users to reinstall this emulator. You can go for it if you find it safe and trustworthy. 


  • This emulator comes with various features
  • It also supports built root function
  • It has multiple Android versions
  • It has tons of customisation


  • It sometimes installs bloatware and goes against users choice
  • It doesn’t remain trustworthy as hacked by a group of hacker


PrimeOS is considered an Android OS that runs efficiently on any PC without error. If you are interested in gaming, then this is a better option for you rather than installing an emulator. It has various advantages as it runs directly on the hardware. If you wish to play your favorite Games on PrimeOS, you can use keyboard mapping. 

It is one of the OS which comes from the Google Play Store. So that you can install and play various games without any flaws and errors. To improve your gaming experience on PC setup, it has Decapro Gaming Center. 


  • PrimeOS is the emulator which directly runs on the hardware
  • This PrimeOS used to work as a separate Operating System
  • It comprises of dedicated gaming centre 
  • It has the option of dual-boot with Windows 10


  • It is the emulator where no one-click installation is possible 


In this article, we have looked at the various top and best emulators that you can use for your PCs for different purposes. Everyone’s requirements are different from others. So, every emulator involved in this article has unique and innovative features. You can choose any one of them according to your need and requirement. 

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