Xiaomi Air Charger Technology

Xiaomi has extended its product line from smartphones to a wide variety of devices. We’ve got Xiaomi Mi TVs, audio gadgets, laptops, trimmers, and so on. The new is Xiaomi Air Charger Technology, which claims to be fully wireless and enables users to simultaneously charge several devices.

Xiaomi Air Charger Technology Explained 

Proprietary technology surpasses the need for cable or wireless charging, rendering it completely wireless. The Chinese company used a unique device shaped like a tower/box that uses beam shaping techniques to deliver millimeter waves directly to the device. These waves are transformed into electrical power that charges the device.

Xiaomi Tower System is fitted with five phase-detection antennas that pick up a smartphone or other compatible device in a matter of seconds. Plus, the Xiaomi Air Charger Technology has 144 beam-forming antennas that relay millimeter waves. Note that smartphones are packing two antenna arrays, but specially designed for this technology, these antennas are much smaller in size.

Xiaomi Air Charger Technology For Home Appliances, Wearables 

The company states that Xiaomi Mi Air Charger Technology supports several devices simultaneously on a long-range basis with a maximum power of 5W per unit. This comes as a bummer as a range of 80W cellular phone support technologies. It looks like Xiaomi is promoting smaller devices and home appliances rather than smartphones.

According to Adam Zeng Xuezhong, the current head of Xiaomi’s smartphone division, Xiaomi Air Charger Technology aims to charge wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers in the future. Home appliances such as Bluetooth speakers, desk lamps, and remote sensors can be charged with the new Air charger.

Xiaomi Air Charger Technology: How does this help? 

We are increasingly progressing into full smart home systems focused on sensors and touch controls. The new Xiaomi Air Charger Technology comes as an adaptive way to make homes wireless. The new Air Charger system could be a significant upgrade in the way we power our phones. And with Xiaomi’s success in India, we will see a new charger soon.

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