Wireless Go II – The latest wireless microphone from Rode

Wireless Go II

Rode, one of the best companies for microphones in the market right now, has launched the successor to its very popular Wireless Go series. The Wireless Go II works in the same way as the predecessor did. The voice is recorded by the microphone which is attached to your cloth and the receiver picks up the audio. 

The New Upgrades

The main difference that the Wireless Go II has is support for dual-channel recording. The previous Wireless Go could only support one microphone. This upgrade makes it a great choice for those YouTubers who do a lot of interviews. The receiver can pick a signal from as far as to 200m distance.  

The other big upgrade that it has is that it now has internal storage. The new Wireless Go II mic can record up to 24 hours of audio. 

Wireless Go II

The Wireless Go II has a battery life of around seven hours. The mic is available at the price of $299. At this price, this microphone becomes an ideal choice for youtubers. The first Go from Rode was a very popular mic among creators and even though this one is a little expensive. The extra transmitter does justify its price and I, therefore, have no doubt that this one will be a huge success as well. 

The Old Go is still available

Rode won’t stop selling the original Wireless Go after the launch of the new Go II. The original Go will still remain on sale. And now it is available at a cheaper price. So, for anyone who needs just a single source for audio, this microphone continues to remain a prime option.

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