How to pick the right motherboard for Intel Core i9 9900K for gamers

intel i9-990K

When it comes to creating a new system, it’s easy to get carried away and focus on the graphics card-especially if you’re an avid gamer. However, the motherboard is just as critical, and your motherboard will have a significant influence on your PC’s ability to run games well.

Tips for Choosing the right motherboard


When purchasing a motherboard, one must verify if it has all the necessary features and analyze it’s extra features, particularly for users who will overclock the motherboard extensively to get the easiest out of their i9 9900K.

Many devices even have competitive features, such as built-in Wi-Fi, etc., but the customer has to figure out if the features are worth engaging in and encouraging their use.



Before actually getting the product, it is vital to check the measurements and the form factor of the motherboard and check if the product matches correctly with the tower case. Otherwise, this could lead to the motherboard’s incompatibility with the tower shell, which could decrease the total efficiency and support of the motherboard to i9 9900K.


The thing that we all need from our computers is pace. An excellent motherboard uses the latest storage, along with wired and wireless connectivity. The latest developments are 802.11ac, USB 3.1, Dual M.2. All of them provide heat control to ensure a performance boost and smooth data transfer speeds.

Compatibility of RAM

The new memory technology used recently is DDR4. That’s the RAM type used in many of the items. Recently, certain boards also have Intel Optane processing distinct from the standard forms of mechanical memory. When you buy a board, you’ll verify your processor’s compatibility by listening to the specifications.


As most of the people out there are concerned about the newest Intel Core i9 CPUs, the one thing that most people don’t dwell on is motherboards.

Since the motherboard plays a severe role in providing excellent power out of the processor, you’re just using it. Since the above list of tips explicitly gives you all the information on i9 9900K motherboards’ features, it may not be more challenging for you to pick one in the market.

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