7 best alternatives of MS office You can Try

Best Alternatives of MS Office

Best alternatives of MS office – Documents are an essential part of everyone’s work life. To begin with a new journey, you get to read a lot of assigned tasks, SLAs and other important docs to know about your roles and responsibilities in deeper, and for that you need to keep a copy of docs or make a document. The easiest way to create a document which is compatible with your and laptop is widely used MS Office. You can easily use it as it has several programs included like word, excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, outlook, skype, calendar, people, teams, to do, forms and power automate.

If you want to keep an alternative of MS Office, there are many different platforms available which are as much effective as MS Office. There are several merits and demerits of using MS office which has been discussed below. As people has different opinions at every point so in a nutshell, it has been stated in points for easy understanding. 

Advantages of MS office 

  • Productivity at home and in the workplace 
  • Work from anywhere with internet access 
  • Reduces security risks 
  • Multiple, flexible plans tailored 
  • Save documents easily 
  • Unlimited storage 

Disadvantages of MS office 

  • Subscription is not for everyone 
  • Compatibility issues with bespoke system 
  • Constant update makes constant changes 
  • Mostly used functions are 20% 
  • Software is not owned by you 

7 best alternatives of MS office you must know about 

The number of available apps is impressive, and the free version includes 5 GB of free data and are open-source program which anyone would love to use it. It works effectively and efficiently and save your files securely. 

Libre office 

Libre office is a free download and is an open-source program. The application is quite remarkable and is easy to learn. It lets you customize between three layouts so you can pick one which is most comfortable to you and familiar. It has different features available which has been mentioned below. Office products are the accumulation of all the important software that can help you create types of contents. 

Availability  Price  
Windows, mac, Linux Free 
  • Formula function 
  • Can work offline 
  • Free and open source 
  • More performance 
  • More compatibility 
  • Extensive language support 
  • Integration 
  • Consistent user interface 
  • No licensing fees 
  • Calc spreadsheet 
  • Impress presentation 
  • Draw drawing 
  • Base database 

WPS Office 

It is compatible with office so you can both edit and create documents from other office users as well. WPS Office needs to be downloaded on your computer. This alternative provides the most office-like experience and will be familiar to those who have used office earlier. It has certain features which has been discussed in below points. 

Availability  Price  
Windows, mac, Linux Free 
  • User-friendly 
  • Can work offline 
  • Cloud storage 
  • Automated backup 
  • Template gallery 
  • Scanning 
  • File recovery or repair 
  • Multilanguage support 
  • Record your presentation 
  • Text tools 
  • Pdf tools 

Google suite 

Google suite offers cloud-based alternatives to the three main programs for excel, word and PowerPoint. It makes collaboration a breeze and some great features which makes it one of the most widely used program. The different and unique features of google have been mentioned in below points. 

Availability  Price  
Windows, mac, Linux Free 
  • Gets autosaved 
  •  Full-screen view 
  • Add-ons for grammars checking  
  • Voice typing 
  • Bookmarks 
  • Offline mode for writing 
  • Page number for easy formatting 
  • Choosing a template 
  • Collaboration with remote 
  • Real-time edits 
  • Can share documents with link 

Apache open office 

Apache open office is free to use and an open source. It includes all basic functions, word processor spreadsheet, impress for presentations and draw for diagrams and 3D illustrations. It has many features which are discussed in below points. 

Availability  Price  
Windows, mac, Linux Free 
  • Compatible with MS Office 
  • Supports HTML, PDF, MediaWiki formats 
  • Easy to use spreadsheet 
  • Multilanguage supports 
  • 1 million rows in a spreadsheet 
  • Increased document protection 
  • Customer properties handling 


Calligra works on ubuntu and it is an office and graphic art suite. It is a great all-in-one MS office alternative. The specific features have made it a huge demand and usable to the users without facing any difficulty. Office products are the accumulation of all the important software that can help you create types of contents. 

Availability  Price  
Desktop, Tablet, Laptop, and Smartphones Free 
  • Minimalist features 
  • OASIS open document format 
  • Database creation 
  • Effective project planning 
  • Karbon 
  • Stage 
  • Gemini 
  • Vector drawing 
  • Rich document creator 
  • Movable dockers 
  • Calculation & spreadsheet tools 
  • Presentation maker 

Office online 

Office online is the perfect alternative to MS Office as it provides all the utilities online perfectly. You can use all the Microsoft essentials with precise accuracy. It has certain features which has been mentioned in below points.  

Availability  Price  
Windows, mac, Linux Free 
  • Real-time co-authoring (word, excel, PowerPoint) 
  • Chat with co-workers 
  • Insert links to store files 
  • Mouse as a laser pointer 
  • Turn data into map 
  • Editing and converting pdf easy 
  • Resume reading word document 
  • 50GB email storage 
  • Reply in-line to email 
  • Working offline and uploading later 
  • Work anywhere from device 

Free office 

Keep Free office the last choice if you didn’t like the above all mentioned alternatives. It is the best alternative if you switch from windows to mac. It comes with all capabilities that you need in an editor and has many specific features which are mentioned in below points. 

Availability  Price  
Windows, mac, Linux Free  
  • Optimize your touchscreens 
  • Text maker 
  • Plan maker 
  • Quick access toolbar 
  • Modern ribbons 
  • Classic menus and toolbars 
  • Personal and business use 
  • Edit documents on spot 
  • Additional classroom tools 


All the mentioned programs are the most-in-demand and best alternatives of MS Office and have been used by students. Teachers, office employees and many more to maintain their records and files secure and to edit it as early as possible without facing any issue. The link can be shared to other people who can also edit the documents when needed so as to avoid the blunder at the main time. Install any of the above-mentioned program on your computer and get the best usage out of it as it supports windows, mac and Linux as well. 

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