Redmi Smart TV 32- Prices, Size, Specifications and Availability

Redmi Smart TV 32

Redmi Smart TV 32 inch and Redmi Smart TV 43 inch were launched yesterday (22nd September). This smart TV is from the mid-range category. Smart TVs these days are providing mobile phone experience but on the big screen. You can enjoy an abundance of features with an enhanced experience. You can enjoy endless shows of various OTT platforms just by installing the app on your smart tv. Redmi Smart TV 32 was released recently. So, it isn’t available for sale yet. If want to know more about Redmi Smart TV 32, then keep reading!

What are the prices of the Redmi Smart TV 32?

Redmi Smart TV 32

The Prices for Redmi Smart TV 32 is starting from Rs. 15,999. Apparently, the prices for Redmi Smart TV 43 are higher than that of Smar tv 32. It is priced at Rs. 25,999. As they have huge differences in their size. That’s why there is this price gap in between both Redmi Smart TVs. If you are considering buying any of these TVs, then you will have to wait. As its first sale isn’t live yet. 

What are the Different Sizes available for Redmi Smart TV?

Redmi Smart TV 32

Redmi Smart TV is available in two different sizes. First, Redmi Smart TV 32 is available in 32 inches and the other one is 43 inches. Both have different prices based on the sizes. Soon, These Smart TVs will be on market. But currently, they are not. Wait until their first sale starts. After that, you can buy these TVs from an online MI store or from Flipkart and Amazon. To know about the features Redmi Smart TV 32 posses, stay tuned.

Redmi Smart TV 32 – Specifications Unfold

Redmi Smart TV 32

Redmi Smart TV is offered in two different sizes. However, both are available in black colour. Along with that, This Smart Tv has an HD display, with a realistic view. It has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity technology with an Android 11 Operating system. 

These new Smart TV models have new Mi remotes. These remotes include a dedicated Google Assistance. Redmi Smart TV 32 and 43 will go on sale during the first day Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021. But there are no notifications regarding these occasional sales and products as well. These Smart TVs have Xiaomi’s Vivid Picture engine and also carry 20 speakers. Along with that, it has Dolby Audio and DTS virtual.

Redmi Smart TV 32

You can consider buying these TVs as these are from mi price range category and has all the latest features. Choose either of the smart TV from Redmi Smart TV 32 and Redmi Smart TV 43. The only difference in both of these is size and price. 

ModelSmart TV 32
Price Rs. 15,999
Display1366X768 Resolution
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
OSAndroid TV 11
Screen TypeHD Ready Display
Launched 22nd September 2021
Available size32 inches, 43 inches


Redmi Smart TV 32 will soon be available in the market. Meanwhile, you can choose the option to get notified. If you are planning to buy any of these, you will get notifications about their first sale. If you are struggling to choose your Smart TV then you can go to the official website to know the details of these TVs. If you have any suggestions regarding the article, drop them here. We would really appreciate that. 

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