Apple is rumoured to be working on a MagSafe battery pack


With the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple also launched a new ecosystem under the name Apple MagSafe. MagSafe saw a slew of accessories getting launched from Apple. These accessories use the magnets at the back of the latest iPhones. The accessories include items like wallets and charging pads.

A Magsafe Battery Pack

Now, if rumours are to be believed, Apple is working on another accessory. This one is going to be a battery pack. And of course, it will attach magnetically to the back of the iPhone 12.

Reportedly, this battery pack won’t act as an external case. This battery pack had been in development for a year now. But according to Bloomberg repeat, an overheating issue prevented Apple from launching this product. 

There aren’t many details available about this product except that it will have a white rubber exterior. So, expect the battery pack to look or feel quite similar to the MagSafe wireless charger.


Along with the battery pack, Apple is also working on reverse charging. Samsung phones have been able to do it for ages. And seems like finally, Apple wants to do that too.

However, do note that these are just rumours and reports. Apple might cancel these anytime as they did with the fabled AirPower.

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