Is Alexa Retiring – Not what you are thinking?

Is Alexa Retiring

You must be wondering Why is Alexa Retiring? Is it the Virtual assistance Alexa or something else? Well, keep all your questions in the queue as we will discuss them in this article. Yes, it is true that Alexa is Retiring. Recently, Amazon announced that it is going to happen in May 2022. It will discontinue its services after serving for more than two decades. No, it’s not Alexa the virtual assistance but Alexa Internet. It is a web traffic analysis tool. People often get confused between Alexa Internet and Amazon Alexa. However, both are different things that serve different purposes. Let’s see why is Alexa Retiring and what you should know about it.

About Alexa Internet

Is Alexa Retiring

Amazon owns Alexa Internet, it’s a web traffic analysis tool. It was founded in April 1996 and after 25 years amazon announces its retirement. According to the recent updates, it is pretty clear that Alexa Retiring. An individual can use the Alexa web traffic tool for Content Research, SEO Analysis, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, and Audience Analysis too. We can say that it’s a full package to improve your web ranking and presence as well. Users can sign up for free and they also have two options to use Alexa Internet.

There are four premium plans available for the users and you can also take a free trial. But for the free trial, you will have to provide the payment details. Now let’s see why is Alexa retiring.

Is Alexa Retiring and Why is Amazon shutting down Alexa?

In Dec 2021, Amazon announces that Alexa Retiring in the upcoming year. This tool was very helpful for bloggers, e-commerce websites, and many freelancers. Now, as this tool will no longer be available after May 2022 no one can create an account on this platform. There were various premium plans available for prospective users. As of December 8, a statement was published on the official website of Alexa Internet. Therefore, it is not possible to create an account on this platform and no one can subscribe for further usage of its services. 

Is Alexa Retiring

So, it is true that Alexa is shutting down and can’t be used anymore. From May 2022, anyone can’t use Alexa to track the website performance. Its detailed and well-researched analytics helps many websites to rank and improve their performance. Amazon doesn’t mention the reason behind this sudden announcement. However, you can see the declaration of is Alexa retiring on its official website

Final Thoughts

That was all about “is Alexa Retiring” and as it turns out that it is going to shut down on May 2022. If you have been using this tool to get deep analytics of your website performance then you don’t have to worry as there are many other options you can use apart from I hope you find this article informative and if you have something to add then feel free to drop it in the comment section. It would be nice to hear from our fellow readers as your valuable suggestions help us to do better. 

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