Does iPadOS 16 have laptop-like functionality? (2022)

iPadOS 16 have laptop-like functionality

Does iPadOS 16 have laptop-like functionality? You may have seen the rumours all over the internet about iPad 16 have laptop-like functionality. However, Apple Inc. haven’t made any of such announcements but they will soon announce some news about the same in upcoming week at the annual worldwide developers conferRecently appeared in the news making prospective buyers excited that iPadOS 16 have laptop-like functionality and it is winning many compliments.

Is Apple Planning To Make iPad More Like Laptop

iPad Air 5th Gen

As a matter of fact, Yes. Soon enough Apple will announce that iPadOS 16 have laptop-like functionality. Upcoming iPad will have a redesigned multitasking view. That will make it easier to see and use the open apps along with switching in between tasks. Further, it will offer the ability to resize app windows like you can on MacOS. Undoubtedly, it will enhance user experience and make it easier to use multiple apps at the same time.  

Does iPad 16 have laptop-like functionality?

iPad Air 5th Gen

You must know that, iPad Air 5th Gen was released on 18th March 2022. It has plenty of features that will help users to multi-task. Apple iPad Air 5th Gen is equipped with iPadOS 15 and has a 10.9 inches display. If you want to get more updates regarding this new operating system by Apple then stay tuned and keep reading this article. 

iPad Air 5th Gen

Using an iPad as a Laptop will be a game changer for users as it will offer many new features. This is going to be a major  Software update after iPadOS 15. Remember these changes aren’t public yet, however it will be official soon. 

Final Words

You will have to wait for a while to know more about whether the iPadOS 16 have laptop-like functionality or not. We hope you found this article helpful. Those who have any questions or queries can drop them in the comment section. If you have anything to add, feel free to contact us. Your valuable suggestions will help us to improvise the upcoming articles. 

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