Is Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform?

Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform

Instagram is among the most plausible social media platforms. But now Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform. We have also seen the various updates it has made over time.

There are plenty of social media platforms that are doing great. And Instagram is one of them. The recent data shows that it has 1.082 Billion Instagram users worldwide in 2021. It is ranked as the 6th most popular social network around the world.

That is a considerable number. On the other hand, Facebook has around 1.73 billion daily users.

Social media is a fun platform that brings many opportunities in our way. 

But not all of us consider grabbing such opportunities, while others try to snatch every possible way to make money through these platforms.

You must have seen the new technique of Instagram used to keep users busy and active on their platforms for hours.

Yes, I’m talking about Reels.

After the global hit of the TikTok video app, many countries considered banning TikTok due to some privacy concerns. And then, Instagram introduced Reels in August 2019.

What does Instagram’s chief have to say about Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform?

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, makes a statement through their Instagram and Twitter handle. He posted a video on both the platforms saying, Changes are coming to video on Instagram. 

Further, he said, Instagram always tries to build new features that help its users get the most out of their experience. As a result, they focus on four primary keys: creators, video, shopping, and messaging. 

It is pretty clear that we might see new updates or changes in the future. 

Other than that, Adam Mosseri clearly stated that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing or square photo-sharing application. Soon Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform.

The areas mentioned that will be updated or modified in the upcoming months are exclusively related to videos, creators, shopping, and messaging. 

More about Instagram

Instagram App was initially launched for iOS users in October 2010. But now, Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform. This uniquely designed social media application rapidly got famous and popular among young people. And soon after its release, it got 1 million users in the first two months, and later it crossed 10 million users within a year.

However, its Android version was released after 2 years of its initial release. In June 2018, it had 1 Billion registered users. 

The country which has the highest number of monthly users in the United States.

Instagram has plenty of features that entertain its users thoroughly.

Some recent updates were made to the Instagram application.

Instagram video feature – If you use Instagram regularly, you must know that it introduced Reels some two years back. This feature includes short videos that are limited to 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Plenty of creators showcase their skills through this new feature.

Instagram Live video – Instagram live video feature allows the user to stream live on the app. In this live video session, your followers can join, comment, and react.

IGTV – IGTV is Instagram TV. It is an app within Instagram where you can post long video content for more than 60 seconds. It appears as never-ending video content, which looks like a TV.

Stories feature – Stories feature just like Snapchat. It shows whatever you’ve shared for 24 hours and then disappears unless you highlight that story. It appears in the form of little circles right on the top of followers’ feeds.

These are the few main features, but you may see plenty of options to explore within these features.  We might see the more exciting and unique features as Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform.

Those options help users and other creators to make their work or content look appealing. You can use this platform for anything, whether it’s learning, earning, or entertaining yourself.

How do people earn from Instagram?

Having users over 1 Billion allows reaching out to maximum people. Businesses use this advantage to advertise their products and services to their users.

On the other hand, Instagram has many users who have millions of followers. These influencers are being paid for promoting brands and their products to generate leads and sales.

There isn’t a single thing you can’t promote with the help of social media, whether it’s skills, movies, websites, products, services, or courses. And Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform that will result in many changes in future.

You can see every type of content on these platforms. If you wish to promote your products and services online then do visit How to promote products online via social media.


Reels are a great entertaining feature of Instagram. That is highly popular these days. Creative and Informative people show valuable content and entertain millions of users out there.

Many small and large businesses and artists are using this platform to showcase their skills and products. It is helping them to spread awareness about their offerings.

We have got confirmation that Instagram becoming a video and entertainment platform.

What are your views on this statement?

You can let us know, and we would be delighted to see your point of view.

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