How is technology affecting human jobs?

Technology affecting human jobs


Technology is the study and transformation of techniques, tools, and machines created by humans. Technology is no longer a hidden concept. We have been using many gadgets, techniques, and theories to make our lives easier. But the question that arises here is, How is technology affecting human jobs? Certainly, it is. We have seen a huge advancement in technology over the decades. Whether it’s for betterment or convenience. 

If we observe closely, we will see many of the jobs that humans used to do are replaced by machinery. So, we can say that technology is affecting human jobs on a moderate level. And in the future it will largely take over all the jobs, especially those labor class jobs. There is less scope for those factory and construction workers and laborers because of the technology.

Can technology replace humans?

Yes, technology can partially replace humans as well as the jobs they do. We have been introduced to Humanoid robots many years ago. And those robots are capable of performing certain tasks and activities, especially those for which they are designed or created. However, humans will be needed to create and add value in brand-new ways. 

Robots working as humans

There is no secret about how rapidly technology is advancing. There are machines available for every type of service required. This implies technology affecting human jobs pretty seriously. Technology is surprising us over the years, and it will continue to do so in the future. Technology has numerous advantages as well as disadvantages. So, if you are concerned about the employment sector, then it will surely be affected by technology now and then.

Will technology create or destroy jobs?

Many surveys and reports have confirmed that the rise of machines and automation will eliminate numerous jobs in upcoming years. However, the same reports also state that with the advancement of technology, many new employment opportunities will take place. So, overall, it’s a matter of time. We will be able to find out soon whether technology is in our favor. 

New Opportunities offered by technologies

We can say that the advancement of technology will bring comfort and speed along with a lot of opportunities too. It’s a different thing that these opportunities are for literate people. The Internet has become the hub of all types of services whether it is entertainment or employment. 

Many newspapers and articles say we can play along with technology as it is providing more job opportunities than destroying. It is true that technology affecting human Jobs but it is also providing more than equal opportunities.

Jobs such as Data scientist, web developers, Mobile app developers, high skilled job, etc. are offered by technology advancement.

Several jobs that are threatened by technology advancement 

There is no doubt, technology has helped humans to make their lives easier than ever. But the constant progress of technology is badly affecting several lower class people as well as industries. We have seen how lower class laborers work and earn. And advancement of technology will replace such workers and the result will be horrible. During this period of pandemic, most of the people can’t even afford their living. Because their source of earning is strictly closed. 

Technology Advancement

Some jobs and industries listed below are in danger because of technology advancement.

Teaching / Educational sector – Teaching is a typical profession, and changes in that may also lead the life of the next generation profoundly. Technology has helped the educational sector during this difficult period of pandemics. However, the constant advancement of technology is threatening human skills with Artificial intelligence.  To customize the educational plans for students, many methods are being developed. With such advancement of technology, teachers may become the guardians of the classrooms.

Financial Industry – AIs and software are being used to prepare accounts and simplify complicated data. This means, the financial industry would also be affected by automation, and the jobs of bankers, tellers, and more will be in danger. We have seen the changes in bank perspective after new software is being introduced to run it. Any tiny or large thing can be done by the device you are holding in your hands.

Health care – In the healthcare industry the jobs of doctors, nurses, and technicians are threatened. AI is providing and developing specially designed bots and humanoids that can easily replace humans in terms of assistance. Many hospitals and surgeons are working with the help of robots and advanced machinery. You can predict what would be next. The online consultancy has emerged recently in this sector which helps many patients. Such applications which provide online doctor consultancy are Practo, Tatahealth, Mfine, etc.

Human resource Management – Human resource Management helps companies with tasks such as hiring, Updating staff/employees or paper filing. But this field is already a victim of advanced technology. Because the companies are introduced with the tools and software that can do data mining within seconds. 

Marketing and advertising – Marketing is a profession that needs the interaction of human thought and personality. However, in this area too technology affecting human jobs. But since the bots are being designed with natural language software, companies are outsourcing their content and ad purchases from machines. Each and every profession is facing drastic changes due to technological advancement.

Technology is affecting Human jobs and their lives positively as well as negatively. Our way of working has drastically changed due to the advancement of technology. I hope this article has answered your question about how is technology affecting human jobs.
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