Dizo GoPods D & Dizo Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Dizo GoPods D

Dizo has made its debut in India with Two affordable, innovative products Dizo GoPods D and Dizo Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Dizo is a Sub-brand of Realme. It offers affordable smart products except for smartphones for now. Realme announced that its lifestyle products that fall in the Techlife category launched with the brand Dizo. Both the products are familiar with the Realme Buds Q and Realme Buds Wireless. 

Dizo GoPods D and Dizo Wireless Bluetooth headset will be available in July 2021. Meanwhile, you can check out if this is something you are looking for. 

You can even choose to get notified whenever its first sale takes place. These audio-based products are under the range of 2000, which is an affordable price for such a good brand.

To know more about these products, keep reading and see what’s new in these products.

Realme Dizo GoPods D – Specifications

Dizo GoPods D by Realme Techlife Comes exclusively in two colours, i.e., black and white. There will be a six months warranty available which doesn’t cover physical damage. Dizo GoPods will be available on Flipkart from mid-July 2021. 

It is priced at  ₹1,599, but you can grab them just for ₹1,399  on its first sale. It will be available at 12 pm on 14th July 2021, on Flipkart.

It comes with a microphone facility, and its wireless range is 10m. 

Dizo GoPods D

Dizo GoPods D is a water-resistant headset that is safe from your sweat and splashes of water. This makes exercising and lounging by the pool hassle-free experiences.

You can fully charge the device in 1.4 hours, and it is powered by a high-capacity battery. The Dizo GoPods D headset helps block out the noise in your surroundings during calls for better sound quality and clarity. This fantastic device can be Sync with the Realme Link App. 

Other than that, Dizo Gopods D comes with a Game mode with 110ms super-low latency. Its IPX4 earbuds make it possible to control the device by tapping on buds with touch control.

Price  ₹1,399  
ConnectivityTrue Wireless Stereo (TWS)
AvailabilityJuly 2021

Realme Dizo Wireless Bluetooth Headset – Specifications

In collaboration with Realme, Dizo wireless Bluetooth headsets are the second product from the brand Dizo. Dizo Wireless Bluetooth headset will also be available from 14th July on Flipkart. Dizo is offering innovative products at an affordable price. And these Wireless Bluetooth headsets are priced at 1,299 on their first sale. Prices may vary in further sales.

Dizo Wireless Bluetooth Headsets are more like neckband earphones. 

If you charge this Bluetooth headset for 10 minutes, you can enjoy 2 hours of playback. It consists of an 11.2mm Dynamic Bass Boost Driver, and its standby time is 600 hours. Along with the headset, you will get a one years manufacturing guarantee. These Bluetooth are lightweight, so you can carry them without hurting your neck. 

Dizo Wireless Bluetooth headset buds have silicone ear tips for a comfortable fit. It also supports MFP ( Magnetic Fast Pair ) Technology. It is also IPX4 rated, which makes it better water-resistant.

Price₹ 1,299
Bluetooth Range10m range
AvailabilityJuly 2021


Both Product Dizo GoPods D and Dizo Wireless Bluetooth Headsets are affordable. You can easily carry them wherever you want. Both are from a well-known brand, Realme, so you don’t have to worry about reliability. 

Do check them out, and let us know your experience. If you have any queries and suggestions, feel free to share them with us.

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