Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch: Price, Availability, and Specifications (2022)

Amazfit Falcon

Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch is another premium product offered by Amazfit. Earlier we discussed the Amazfit POP 2 Smartwatch and its specifications. But Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch is completely different from that watch in almost every term. If you are hearing about the Amazfit brand for the first time then you must know that it is a Chinese company established in September 2015 that offers smartwatches, fitness bands, and equipment related to the health and sports industry. Those who are looking forward to buying Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch then you might want to wait for a couple of minutes. Stay tuned and keep reading this article to know all about this Amazfit Falcon. 

Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch: Price and Availability

Amazfit Falcon

It is not a normal wristwatch but a premium one with features that will amaze you. You must know that this smartwatch might be exclusively available on its official website. However, you must check out the various other eCommerce platforms as well. To purchase Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch, you will have to pay Rs.44,999. Those who are not thinking of buying an expensive watch might wanna skip this option but if you are certain about it then please go through the specifications mentioned further in this article. 

Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch: Specifications

Now, we will move forward with the specifications offered by Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch. Buying a such premium-priced product without looking for the benefits offered by it can be a mistake. To avoid such a situation, please go through the following features thoroughly.

Amazfit Falcon
  • One of the special features offered by the Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch is “Premium Multi-sport GPS tracking. It will be able to pick up both L1 and L5 GPS Signals, and the precise dual-band positioning and support for 6 satellite systems can effectively reduce environmental interference from bigger objects.
  • Its Titanium Unibody & Sapphire Glass Screen ensure safety from breaking and scratches as well. This smartwatch has been crafted for action with premium materials, the TC4 titanium unibody is lightweight, high-strength and resistant to corrosion, while the sapphire crystal glass screen has a Mohs hardness rating of 9. 
  • Unlike other smartwatches it is 20ATM water-resistance, which means you can swim or surf, and even enjoy some high-speed water sports while wearing it.
  • It comes with 150+ Built-in sports modes with smart recognitions of various sports such as track running & trajectory correction route import and real-time navigation.
  • This smartwatch is manufactured with premium material; high-strength titanium unibody sapphire crystal glass screen with HD AMOLED Display. 
Amazfit Falcon
ModelAmazfit Falcon
DisplayTitanium Unibody & Sapphire Glass Screen
Sports Modes150+ Built-in Sports Modes
Battery14 day battery life
Water-Resistance20 ATM Water-Resistance 

Final Words

We have thoroughly discussed the price, availability, and specifications of the Amazfit Falcon Smartwatch Vs Dizo Watch R. You can contact us if you have something to add or any queries regarding these products. Alternatively, you can leave your questions in the comment section, we will try our best to provide a reliable answer. We hope you found this article helpful and if you have any suggestions for improvement then please let us know.

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